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Corporate Health Insurance

Corporate Health Insurance



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  • Occupational medical examination - we indemnify the occupational health costs arising from law.

  • Prophylactic medical examination and preventive treatment - the service can also be used without a medical indication for turning to a physician. We indemnify the cost of health tests, e.g. stress, allergy and food intolerance tests, nutritionist’s consultation fee, massage and chiropractic services.

  • Outpatient family medicine and specialised medical services - makes it possible to use the services of a paid family physician or medical specialist without a referral. We indemnify appointment fees, the cost of the tests, analyses and other procedures prescribed by the physician’s referral as well as day hospital treatment.

  • Psychiatric and psychological counselling costs - we indemnify the appointment and consultation fees of a psychologist, psychiatrist or psychotherapist and medicines related to the diagnosis.

  • Hospital treatment services - makes it possible to expedite access to hospital treatment, using paid service. We indemnify inpatient fee, extra fee for a paid ward, surgeries, treatment and tests in hospital as well as the medicines consumed there.

  • Rehabilitation services - we indemnify a rehabilitation physician’s appointment, the rehabilitation prescribed by a physician as well as the assistive devices (wheelchair, crutches, etc.) prescribed by a physician. Rehabilitation services may include physiotherapy, therapeutic exercises, hydrotherapy, occupational therapy, massage, chiropractic and osteopathic services.

  • Dental treatment services - we indemnify the costs of dental treatment services such as consultation, preparation of a treatment plan, treatment, dental hygienist’s services, X-ray, anaesthesia, cost of orthodontic treatment.

  • Cost of glasses and contact lenses - we indemnify the cost of an optometrist’s appointment and the cost of glasses or contact lenses if a prescription has been written out for this purpose.

  • Vaccinations - we indemnify vaccination costs (e.g. influenza, tick-borne encephalitis as well as travel vaccines, etc.).

  • Prescription medicines - we indemnify the cost of the prescription medicines prescribed by a physician during the insurance period.

  • Obstetrical services - we indemnify the cost of inpatient services related to childbirth such as the fee for a paid midwife, fee for a family ward, cost of the surgery related to childbirth.


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