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Motor TPL (Traffic) Incurance


Once we have received your inquiry, we will quickly compare the offers of different insurance companies and help you choose the most suitable insurance solution for you. A comparison of offers will be sent to your e-mail within minutes. Our clients always get the best insurance terms at the best price.

If another insurance broker offers you a more favorable solution on the same terms, we will make you an even better offer. We provide our clients by finding the best options and by claim handling assistance. We always remember when your vehicle insurance expires and let you know when it's time to re-insure.



The fleet insurance solution covers Casco Insurance and/or Motor Third Party Liability insurance for the company vehicles (if needed for vehicles owned by company employees as well).

We always find the most suitable solutions for our clients for a variety of applications and fleets - cars, buses, trucks, equipment, and trailers. Contact us > or press "Request Quote".

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Motor Third Party Liability Insurance - Compulsory third party liability insurance covers the liability of a driver towards third parties and is governed by the Motor Third Party Liability Insurance Act. If the vehicle causes damage to a third party (for example, breaking a traffic sign, post or garden, running into another car, injuring a pedestrian, or being injured by co-passengers in the car, etc.), the victim will be compensated by the insurer's motor third party liability insurance. Anyone who causes a pedestrian or cyclist's traffic injury is indemnified, regardless of who caused the accident.

All motor vehicles registered in the Estonian National Motor Vehicle Registration Center (ARK) and their trailers must have valid motor third party liability insurance, irrespective of whether the vehicle is used and participating in road traffic or not.

Categories of vehicles:

  • Cars

  • Taxi (Incl. Bolt, Uber etc.) explore more > here.

  • Mopeds and motorcycles

  • Vans

  • Trucks

  • Trailers

  • Buses

  • Tractors


As the policy provides insurance cover in Estonia and other countries of the European Union and the European Economic Area, it is advisable to bring an international motor third party liability insurance policy, or a green card, which is issued in addition to the policy. A green card must accompany the vehicle if it is to be used in a Member State which is not a contracting party to the European Union or the European Economic Area. More info > here

THE LARGEST GPS PLATFORM. CarCops tracks over 2 million vehicles

Car GPS Tracking
Want to know where the workers are? Car GPS tracking helps you keep an eye on your car fleet on your computer/mobile, where you can see exactly what the cars are doing. View men's business hours on-site, real-time car location, parking, route history and play off.


CarCops guarantees that you will reduce private travel and fuel consumption and save many times more than the monthly service fee. I dare say that GPS tracking is a positive investment that puts money in your pocket every month that would otherwise be spent on fuel, logistics planning, and checking men's working hours.

Who is GPS Tracking for?

Car GPS tracking is designed for all vehicles, whether it is a van, car, truck, or heavy equipment. As the service is guaranteed with the best price on the market, it is affordable for all car owners. CarCops Autovalve is also helpful when searching for a car that has been moved, for example, due to incorrect parking.


How to join CarCops Autovalve?

You can join very easily on our website . Enter the order and all the necessary information so that we can prepare the contract. You can sign the contract with an ID card. After concluding the contract, we will send you a GPS device FREE of charge all over Estonia using SmartPost. You can install the device yourself or use our installers all over Estonia. Read the terms of the agreement HERE .
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