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Contractors plant and machinery insurance


CPM (Contractor's Plant and Machinery) is intended for: agricultural and forestry machinery, construction equipment, loaders, tractors, excavators, bulldozers, etc. In addition to traditional property risks (fire, natural disaster, vandalism), the insurance of machinery and equipment also covers unintentional violations of usage norms and rules, mechanical external influences, subsidence, overturning and other unforeseen and unexpected damages while working, moving or out of work.


MB (Machinery Breakdown) indemnifies in the event of an unexpected and unforeseen internal breakdown of the machine while working, moving or standing still. This insurance cover is intended for all kinds of industrial equipment. Machine failure insurance can be used both as a stand-alone insurance and as a supplement to the insurance of machinery and equipment.



EEI (Electronic Equipment Insurance) protects the corresponding equipment (laptops, desktops, audio-video equipment, telecommunications, medical and measuring equipment, etc.) against damage or destruction caused by:

  • Short circuit, overvoltage, additional voltage, voltage fluctuations caused by lightning

  • Device user errors or violations

  • Internal electrical or mechanical failure of the device

  • An object or other similar accident that fell on the device

Electronic equipment insurance also covers the cost of restoring or repurchasing destroyed or damaged software. When insuring electronic devices, extended insurance coverage is often used for portable devices (laptops, video projectors) outside the place of insurance specified in the policy. For example, in the event of a traffic accident, the insurer indemnifies for damage to the portable device.

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