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Liability Insurance


As soon as your request is received, we will analyze the risks associated with the property / activity of your company and provide you with a choice of insurance solutions from which you can choose the most suitable. Ask for an offer now, write to us: or send an inquiry using the "request quote" button.

We offer an individual approach to each client, offering insurance solutions according to the needs, requirements, and possibilities of each specific company.


General civil liability is a type of liability insurance that covers general, legal liability directly related to economic activities, both to third parties and to its customers, in case of personal injury or property damage.


  • For their clients - a client slipping in the office, the client's property destroyed during the repair work, the tenant's office equipment damaged by a broken water pipe, unexpected damage to the customer at the construction site, etc.


  • For third parties - for example, snow falling from the building used for the site, damage to the office downstairs caused by the rupture of the pipeline, property of the person damaged by the construction activity outside the construction site, etc.


Product liability is a specific type of liability insurance that is required if a defect in the production process or activity occurs only after the product, service, or activity has been handed over to the consumer. Losses are also covered if the product consumed by the company damages a third party. Operational and product liability covers the following products and services:


  • Wholesalers and retailers whose actions or errors in the safety and content of a product may lead to harm to the consumer of that product

  • Fuel dealers whose poor quality fuel causes damage to the vehicle

  • Car repair shops that need protection if the repaired vehicle shows the damage that has actually started from the repair work after it has been handed over to the customer

  • Catering operators whose food offered to consumers may cause harm



Employer's liability insurance is for those companies that do their best to ensure that nothing happens to their employees while working. However, the possibility must be taken into account that one or another bad coincidence may cause damage to the employee in the performance of his / her duties due to the occurrence of a risk falling within the sphere of influence of the employer. Employer's liability insurance covers the employer's liability in the event of an employee's injury. Occupational diseases may also be included under this insurance cover.



Professional liability insurance is for those undertakings and undertakings which operate in a specific field and whose field of activity requires specific professional training, qualifications, attestation, or regulation of a specific professional association and umbrella organization. Professional liability insurance can protect mainly those professions where the damage is not caused by direct activities (construction, hairdressing, etc.), but by errors in calculations, non-observance of deadlines, or other errors for which the injured party does not have the ability and competence to prevent damage. The selection of compulsory professional liability insurance covers the following professional activities and activities:


  • Architects and designers

  • Law and legal aid offices

  • Auditors, accountants, trustees in bankruptcy

  • IT companies

  • Insurance Brokers

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