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Liikluskindlustus - дорожное страхование - MTPL Insurance - Inpro Insurance Brokers OÜ

Motor TPL Insurance

Compulsory insurance which covers civil legal liability for damage caused to third party by driving the motor vehicle.

Reisikindlustus - страхование путешествий - Travel Insurance - Inpro Insurance Brokers OÜ

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is necessary for every traveler, regardless of gender and age. It is satisfaction and confidence during the trip.

Väikelaevakindlustus | Kaatrite ja jahtide kindlustus | Inpro Insurance

Boat and Yacht Insurance

As a rule, it is possible to insure ships up to 24 meters in length. There are two types to choose from: full insurance or partial insurance.

Tervisekindlustus - Страхование здоровье - Health Insurance - Inpro Insurance Brokers OÜ

Health Insurance

Currently only available as a Health Insurance solution for employers. Ask your employer!

Õnnetusjuhtumikindlustus - страхование от несчастного случая - Personal Accident Insurance - Inpro Insurance Brokers OÜ

Life and Personal Accident

An accident can lead to a loss or incapacity for work, which in turn leads to financial problems due to reduced income.

Kaskokindlustus - Страхование каско - Vehicle Insurance - Inpro Insurance Brokers OÜ

Casco Insurance

Casco is for different types of vehicles that are permanently or temporarily registered in the Republic of Estonia.

Kodukindlustus - Страхование жилья - Home Insurance - Inpro Insurance Brokers OÜ

Home Insurance

Home insurance gives you the opportunity to restore your property to its original condition in the event of a major accident.

Drooni kindlustus - Inpro Insurance |

Drone Insurance

Damage caused to the insured object in the amount of up to € 3,000 is indemnified.

Image by Okai Vehicles

Personal Liability Insurance

Broad cover including legal defense costs and immaterial damage up to full limit.

Masinate ja seadmete kindlustus - страхование техники - CPM Insurance - Inpro Insurance Brokers OÜ


For construction equipment, tractors, crushers, saws, tanks, belt conveyors, etc.

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