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Casco Insurance


Once we have received your inquiry, we will quickly compare the offers of different insurance companies and help you choose the most suitable insurance solution for you. A comparison of offers will be sent to your e-mail within minutes. Our clients always get the best insurance terms at the best price.

If another insurance broker offers you a more favorable solution on the same terms, we will make you an even better offer. We provide our clients by finding the best options and by claim handling assistance. We always remember when your vehicle insurance expires and let you know when it's time to re-insure.



The fleet insurance solution covers Casco Insurance and/or Motor Third Party Liability insurance for the company vehicles (if needed for vehicles owned by company employees as well).

We always find the most suitable solutions for existing and new customers for a variety of applications and fleets - cars, buses, trucks, equipment and trailers. Contact us > or press "Request Quote".

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Motor Casco insurance is voluntary and is primarily intended for vehicle owners who in addition to compulsory motor third party liability insurance would prefer an additional insurance cover for their vehicle. Casco insurance protects your vehicle against potential accidents, for example when the driver of the vehicle is at fault in a traffic accident, when a vehicle is hit by a wild animal or tree falls on a vehicle. In general Casco insurance policy covers all risks of fire, theft, vandalism, hijacking, robbery and third party damage. Categories of vehicles:

  • Cars

  • Taxi (Incl. Bolt, Uber etc.) explore more > here.

  • Mopeds and motorcycles

  • Vans

  • Trucks

  • Trailers

  • Buses

  • Tractors

The object of insurance is the vehicle along with the parts and equipment mounted on the vehicle. In order to ensure full insurance coverage, the additional equipment of the vehicle such as: extra lights, alloy wheels, spoilers, taxi equipment, winches, in-car audio, video and other must be specified in the policy. In addition to the standard package you can choose:

  • Window insurance. Indemnifies glass damage resulting from the breakage of passenger compartment glass. The cost of applied window tinting will also be indemnified along with the glass. If window insurance is not selected as additional insurance cover for the package, window damages will still be covered, although in the case of damage the specified deductible will be applied.

  • New value insurance . New value insurance is required for a new vehicle. It provides the additional cover if the vehicle is destroyed or lost as the result of an insured event. New value insurance indemnifies the acquisition price of the vehicle (the price at which the vehicle was purchased).

  • Securing a replacement car. Important to ensure that the life of a person who moves about primarily by car does not stop. If the vehicle is incapable of moving or is currently being repaired, a replacement vehicle will be placed at the disposal of the insured person for that period.

  • Accident insurance. Some of the traffic accidents end tragically. Accident insurance will help to cope with the consequences. In the case of accident insurance, people who are occupants of a vehicle during an accident are insured, and in the event of their death or a permanent incapacity for work, an insurance indemnity is provided.

  • Luggage insurance. Indemnifies damage, destruction, or damage resulting from loss, to objects located in the passenger compartment, luggage compartment or roof box of an insured vehicle in the event of an insured event.

       Explore more regarding motor casco insurance in our blog > here.

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Luxury Car Insurance


We call "luxury" or "exclusive" rare or very expensive vehicles. Casco insurance for such cars is very expensive and sometimes local insurance companies do not offer insurance coverage at all due to high risk and cost of reimbursement or offer insurance coverage at very high rates. In such cases, we find for our clients motor casco Insurance coverage solutions from the global insurance companies outside the Republic of Estonia or negotiate with local insurers on the terms and conditions of motor casco insurance for such vehicles and receive additional discounts for our clients.

We have extensive experience in this field of insurance, due to the fact that among the clients of Inpro Insurance are owners of exclusive cars. We know exactly what aspects are worth paying special attention to and how to get the most acceptable conditions and quotes for motor casco insurance for our clients. Contact us, we will help you.

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