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Yacht & Motorboat Insurance


Inpro Insurance offers clients the best possible protection for all of their insurance needs. As one of the most experienced insurance broker on the market, we have built quite the clientele by maintaining a strict customer-comes-first approach. If you are looking to do business with a top notch insurance broker that does everything in its power to ensure your satisfaction, contact us today. Our experts are here for your every insurance need and will be happy to supply you with a free quote for your yacht or boat. Request quote or contact us:



Under small crafts suitable for a special yacht and motorboat insurance coverage are usually considered the ship's less then 80 GRT, with the passenger carrying capacity 12 or less person, with the main engine power not more then 55 kWt, as well as the crafts with outboard motor notwithstanding their power, but also the sailing boats, rowing boats and other crafts without engine.

The standard yacht and motorboat insurance contract covers the losses and expenses of the boat owner, leaser or other lawful interest due to the actual or constructive total loss of vessel, as well as the damage to hull, machinery, equipment and parts caused by following reasons:

  • Fire, as onboard of the insured vessel as well as outside the vessel, the insurers also re-reimburse the expenses of fire extinguishing

  • Storm, lightning, earthquake, hail, tornado

  • Capsizing of vessel and grounding

  • Collision with other vessel or any fixed or floating object

  • Explosion onboard of insured vessel

  • Accident during launching of vessel or lifting the vessel from water

  • Accident during loading, discharge, shifting cargo or spares, fuel, equipment etc

  • The losses due to theft or robbery of vessel, her equipment, spare parts including the losses caused by the attempt of theft or robbery

  • The losses due to intentional act of third person (vandalism)

  • The fair and reasonable losses bared to minimize the damage, mitigation costs, survey costs.

In addition to the above mentioned risks covered by yacht and motorboat insurance, the owner of yacht or boat may consider the possibility to protect himself with Liability Insurance, which cover the liability for losses caused to third party. Here below a couple of examples of covered risks:

  • Pollution due to oil or fuel spillage from the insured craft

  • Damage to the life or health of third party persons

  • Collision damage to the vessels owned by third party

  • Damage to third party property, such as berths, piers, fenders, buoys, port facilities

  • Wreck removal

We can assist you to chose reasonable cover of real risks and of course at fair price. Experience protecting you.

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