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Inpro Insurance Brokers.

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Inpro Insurance Brokers is a new, young and ambitious team of world-class professionals who founded this company in Estonia in 2019. Our goal is to raise the service of our existing and new clients to a higher and much more personalized level, offering various types of insurance solutions to both corporate and private clients. Development or adaptation of special insurance programs that meet exactly your needs. Inpro Insurance Brokers OÜ is registered in the Financial Supervision Authority of Estonia (www.fi.ee) and has Insurance Brokers Professional Indemnity at Lloyd’s for 2 000 000 EUR.

Insurance is necessary to protect people, their activities and property, as well as mitigate the consequences of a possible accident. In case of damage, we have specially developed the Inpro Insurance Claims Assistance program (Professional Claim Handling Assistance for Corporate and Private Clients), under which our best specialists in all areas of insurance will help you with solving any issues during insurance claims process. Inpro Insurance Brokers finds a personal approach to each client very important. Each insurance contract made through us must meet your insurance needs as much as possible and ensure a sense of security. 

Insurance companies offer different insurance conditions - Inpro Insurance Brokers will help you choose the best option that suits you or your company. The insurance contract may be short-term or long-term, depending on the duration and parameters of the risk. At Inpro Insurance Brokers, we believe that the established trust, backed by an exclusive approach to each client is the key to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation for many years. At Inpro Insurance Brokers, we are actually protecting your future! Neither more nor less. We are representatives of the client, we are representatives of you! And we are always by your side.

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