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Health Insurance


Are you an employee-friendly and caring employer? Do you want to support the retention of employees' ability to work and thereby reduce the number of incapacity for work days? Is it important for you that your employees receive affordable and faster solution to their health concerns? Ask for an offer now, write to us: send an inquiry using "request quote" button or contact our specialists directly.

We offer an individual approach to each client, offering a Corporate Health Insurance solutions according to the requirements and possibilities of a specific company.


From 2018, entrepreneurs will be able to pay health insurance contract insurance premiums up to € 100 per quarter (400 € per year) per employee tax-free.


  • Helps enhance the reputation of an employer on the work market

  • Certainly, gives an advantage in recruitment

  • Increases the satisfaction of the existing workers and helps decrease employee turnover by giving a picture of a caring employer

  • Helps support the upkeep of a worker’s productivity and reduces the number of days that an employee is unable to work

  • The employee can choose a suitable doctor and treatment facility

  • The employee can deal with health concerns more quickly and economically

  • Employees with a positive mindset are more open and adjust to changes more easily


  • Opportunity to visit a specialist without a referral

  • Allows the choice of a suitable doctor and treatment facility

  • Private care costs are covered, which is not included in the State Insurance Fund

  • Decreases personal expenditures due to health

  • Quick and confidential – health information is not share with the employer



Package Inpro 20
Package Inpro 33
Package Inpro 40
Compulsory med. examination of employees
100 €
150 €
200 €
Optics (glasses and contact lenses)
50 €
100 €
200 €
Vaccination (influenza, encephalitis, hepatitis)
100 €
100 €
200 €
Paid outpatient services
3 000 €
4 000 €
5 000 €
Paid in-patient services
3 000 €
4 000 €
5 000 €
Rehabilitation services
250 €
300 €
500 €
50 €
100 €
150 €
Dental care
Insurance Compensations a year
6 750 €
9 000 €
11 750 €
Insurance premium (paid monthly) x12
€ 20
33 €
€ 40

This is an indicative premium rate, which depends on the specifics of the company, the number of employees and the average age of the employees. The deductible rate depends on the package and can be 0% -20%. The higher the deductible, the lower the insurance premium. For more information, contact our specialist.


Arina Mesropjan - Inpro Insurance - Estonia
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Arina Mesropyan

Phone: +372 5883 8533


Terri Tamm - Inpro Insurance - Estonia -
  • Terri Tamm - Inpro Insurance - LinkedIn

Terri Tamm

Phone: +372 5883 8933


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  • Valeri Golik - Inpro Insurance - LinkedIn

Valeri Golik

Phone: +372 5855 8558



Health insurance is the most valued social guarantee on the labor market that an employer can offer an employee.

Health insurance for employees is an insurance voluntarily taken out by an employer in the interests of its employees to supplement the state health insurance system. This is a great added value for employee motivation. Studies show that employees value an employer who cares about their health and well-being. In addition to holidays and flexible working hours, health insurance, life insurance and personal accident insurance have also become important.

Health insurance allows the company's employees to use paid medical services at no additional cost or at a lower cost (depending on the insurance program) and to get necessary medical treatment faster. Health insurance for employees is suitable for companies of different sizes in different sectors.


Corporate Health Insurance also covers dental care for the company's employees, under which the company insures its employees in case they incur regular dental expenses or dental expenses caused by an accident. Dental Insurance is available only as part of the Corporate Health Insurance program.


The employer has the opportunity to choose which programs and amounts are included in the Health Insurance Contract. For example, partially or fully reimbursed paid medical services can be added, a certain amount of limit can be set within which the medical services can be used. Employers can also choose to include compulsory health examinations of its employees in the Health Insurance Contract.


Depending on the wishes and needs of the employer, the territory of the Corporate Health Insurance may be the Republic of Estonia or the Baltic States. In case of international insurance solutions (Morgan Price Health Insurance: Standard Plus, Comprehensive, Premium) - Europe, Worldwide except USA, China, Singapore and Hong Kong or Worldwide.


Some health insurance solutions also extend to the employee's family members. Contact our specialists by email: or phone: (+372) 383 8118

Morgan Price Health Insurance

Inpro Insurance - Morgan Price Tervisekindlustus


Inpro Insurance Brokers OÜ is an official intermediary of Morgan Price International Healthcare Ltd. insurance products in Estonia. Morgan Price International Healthcare Ltd. is a member of the Association of International Medical Insurance Providers. As one of the corporate health insurance solutions, Inpro Insurance offers three Morgan Price insurance plans: Standard Plus , Comprehensive and Premium. You can select "European Countries", "Worldwide except US, China, Singapore, Hong Kong" or "Worldwide" as the health insurance region.


Albania, Andorra, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Channel Islands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Great Britain, Greece, Greenland, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Mediterranean islands, Isle of Man, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Madeira, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia (west of Urals), Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, Vatican State

Inpro Insurance - Tervisekindlustus - He


(excl. USA, China, Singapore and Hong-Kong)


Inpro Insurance - Tervisekindlustus - He


We have included cover for annual health checks on our more comprehensive plans as we feel prevention is as important as treatment.


All of our plans include access to our 24 hour multi-lingual assistance helpline, 365 days a year. We will provide the hospital with verification of your policy details and if necessary, a treatment guarantee. We will also pay the provider directly for any in-patient treatment costs incurred.


Freedom to choose which facility you use for your treatment within your area of cover.


We cover in-patient and day-patient hospital treatment costs, as well as a wide range of comprehensive out-patient benefits. In addition, there is cover available for routine dental treatment and routine maternity costs. All our plans include evacuation benefits as standard in case you need emergency in-patient treatment which cannot be given to you at your point of need.

Morgan Price
Standard Plus
In-patient and day-patient treatment
Evacuation and repatriation
Treatment for cancer
Cash benefits
Home country cover excluding USA
Treatment for chronic conditions
Out-patient services
Routine maintenance for chronic conditions
Diagnostic tests, x-rays and pathology
Emergency treatment outside area of cover
Organ transplants
Routine health checks
Routine maternity
Infertility treatment
TOTAL Insurance Compensations a Year
750 000 €
Insurance premium a month (x12)
75 €
Morgan Price
1 000 000 €
100 €
Morgan Price
1 500 000 €
125 €

This is an indicative rate, which largely depends on the age of the insured person and also on the number of employees in the company. The deductible for the above indication is 0%. For more information, contact our specialists.

Morgan Price tervisekindlustus - Inpro Insurance Brokers.png

"I want to take the opportunity to thank you and your entire team for the quick and good service concerning my request for approval of treatment costs. Due to your staff, I got a quick confirmation for cost coverage of necessary investigation and to my surprise, the reimbursement of my bill from my first visit in hospital was already in my account within 5 days. Great"

"Thank you for your assistance. Having never dealt with this kind of situation before it is a little challenging. I am very impressed with the way it had been handled by Morgan Price and cannot thank you enough for your prompt replies and support"

"You can tell the insurer that the Island Hospital, Penang were very very impressed with their professional attitude and their prompt payments. The Island Hospital doctors and accounts department staff told me that it is by far the best experience they have ever had with an overseas insurer and it was a pleasure to deal with them"

"I can confirm I have been very happy with the Morgan Price service. Unfortunately, I have had to claim a lot over the last year and the service has been excellent. I would be more than happy to renew with Morgan Price"

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