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Directors & Officers (D&O)



As soon as your request is received, we will analyse the risks associated with activity of your company and provide you with a choice of insurance solutions from which you can choose the most suitable. Ask for an offer now, write to us: or send an inquiry using "request quote" button.

We offer an individual approach to each client, offering insurance solutions according to the needs, requirements and possibilities of each specific company.



The purpose of the Directors and Officers Liability insurance is to provide cover for a company’s executives against claims arising from their decisions taken. The persons insured include natural persons, i.e. the company’s management board members, executives, supervisory board and other persons related to management decisions. And the company against whom a claim is filed in connection with a management board member’s activity is also insured. Proved damage and legal expenses are compensated for.

Why should I take out Directors and officers liability insurance:

  • It covers the personal financial risk of a member of the management board where the latter is liable for their activity with their personal property

  • It helps the company find funds for covering damage arising from managerial mistakes (a claim filed against a member of the management board may significantly exceed the latter’s personal assets)

  • It provides an opportunity to raise the value of the management board member motivation package

  • It gives a member of the management board a sense of security when making decisions and courage for taking risks

  • It allows covering legal aid expenses

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