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ERGO Insurance SE


ERGO is one of the leading insurance companies in Estonia, offering a comprehensive selection of property and life insurance solutions. More than 120,000 clients trust the services, knowledge and experience of ERGO Eesti. ERGO employs 270 people in Estonia. The company has been active in Estonia since 1990. The brand ERGO was adopted in 2001.

Two companies are consolidated under the ERGO name in Estonia: the non-life insurance company ERGO Insurance SE and the life insurance company ERGO Life Insurance SE Eesti filiaal.

ERGO Insurance SE offers diverse property insurance solutions to both private and corporate clients. Since 2009, ERGO Insurance SE has been serving as the broker for ERGO Life Insurance SE Eesti filiaal’s life and health insurance policies and pension payments.

ERGO’s companies operating in Estonia are part of the ERGO Group. The Group is represented in more than 30 countries around the world, focusing on the markets of Europe and Asia. ERGO belongs to one of the world’s largest reinsurance groups, Munich Re, founded in 1880.

ERGO’s companies in Estonia are audited by Ernst & Young Baltic AS.

BTA Baltic Insurance Company
BTA Baltic Insurance Company is the insurance market leader in the Baltic States, offering a broad range of non-life insurance services.
Vienna Insurance Group AG, a leading insurer in Europe, became the largest shareholder of the company in 2016.

Compensa Vienna Insurance Group, ADB Eesti filiaal


On 10 October 2019, an agreement was signed for the merger of Seesam Insurance AS and ADB Compensa Vienna Insurance Group. The reason behind the merger resolution is the desire of Vienna Insurance Group, the owner of both Seesam and Compensa, to optimise its operations in the Baltics. The merger was finalised in summer 2020.


As a result of the merger, Seesam Insurance AS as a legal entity ceased to exist and the entities of Seesam in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were merged with the entities of ADB Compensa Vienna Insurance Group in those countries. In Estonia, the well-known trademark of Seesam will remain in use.

If P&C Insurance AS


If P&C Insurance is the leading Nordic non-life insurance company, and one which has more than 3.6 million clients in Scandinavia and the Baltic States. The owner of If is Sampo Plc. If offers non-life insurance to its clients in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, the Baltic States, and international services to clients of the Nordic countries operating in foreign countries.

If was founded in 1999 when the non-life insurance companies of Norwegian Storebrand and Swedish Skandia were merged. At the beginning of 2002 Sampo non-life insurance was also joined together with If.

On 6 May 2004 Sampo acquired the shares for If that were previously held by Skandia, Skandia Liv and Storebrand. On 5 October 2004 Sampo also bought the shares for If from Varma, and due to this If is a 100% subsidiary company of the Sampo Group.

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