• Corporate Property Insurance

    Covers the damage of building or its part, processing areas, warehouses, ramps, transport junctions, office interior.

  • Liability Insurance

    Liability Insurance protects Assured against damage they caused to property or health of third parties.

  • Corporate Health Insurance

    Corporate Health Insurance is intended for covering the medical expenses of the company’s employees. Great value to an employee’s benefits package.

  • Corporate Dental Insurance

    Corporate Dental Insurance for Employees is intended for covering the regular or accident dental treatment. Available as a part of the Corporate Health Insurance program or separately.

  • Motor TPL Insurance

    Motor third party liability insurance is a compulsory third party liability insurance for all the vehicles.

  • Casco Insurance

    Casco insurance can be used to insure different types of vehicles that are permanently or temporarily registered in the Republic of Estonia.

  • Transport & Cargo Insurance

    Carrier Liability Insurance (CMR), Freight Forwarder Liability Insurance and Freight Insurance Solutions

  • Cargo Insurance

    Subject of the insurance is cargo carried on conveyance from the point of departure to the destination.

  • Korteriühistukindlustus

    Apartment association insurance consists of two parts: property insurance and liability insurance - indemnifies for damage that has occurred in the area of responsibility of the apartment association.

  • Construction Insurance (CAR)

    Construction insurance is required for construction companies, whether it is a general contractor, a subcontractor or owner.

  • Machine & Equipment Insurance

    For construction equipment, tractors, excavators, agricultural and forestry machines, etc.

  • Corporate Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance is required for every traveler, regardless of gender and age. It is contentment and security during the trip.

  • Cyber Risks Insurance

    For companies whose operations depend on IT systems and web solutions. Cover the cost of reporting a data leak.

  • Car GPS Tracking

    Want to know where the workers are? Car GPS tracking helps you keep an eye on your car fleet on your computer or mobile phone, where you can see exactly what the cars are doing. See the location of cars in real time.

  • IT Companies Insurance

    Covering risks associated with information technology activities. Helps to meet procurement or contract requirements.

  • Professional Claim Handling Assistance

    The best specialists will assist you in dealing with insurance claims in case of problems.


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